Zen Den by Patty


The Zen Den will be offering Aura Imaging with the AVS Software System. There will be three reports to choose from and vary in prices from $20, $30 and $40, depending on the report your desire.

Did you know that most people vibrate within a certain range, which represents a person’s AURA TYPE or PERSONALITY COLOR. Knowing the meaning of each Aura Color Personality Type is the first essential step in each evaluation. If you would only know your base aura color, it would give you an in-depth look into your core beliefs, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual behavior and

Everyone has the ability to change their aura colors. The changes are due to mental and emotional inner shifts or external environmental influences. Each color represents a range of meanings so we look at the combinations and the rate of color change in each section to evaluate the energy. There are no “good” or “bad” auras, just different ones. Even if the Aura looks dark and stressed, you can change patterns by refocusing your mind and your intentions and creating a different, higher state of mind, body and energy.

Stop by the Zen Den booth and check out your Aura colors.

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