Lisa DeMars


Lisa has an extremely deep passion for the holistic transformative nature of constellation work and has developed Dynamic Constellations from the original systemic method of Family Constellations popularized by Bert Hellinger in order to go beyond family of origin issues. She was first exposed to Family Constellation work during training for certification as a BodyTalk practitioner. Prior to becoming a full time Constellation Facilitator in 2006, she spent over a decade as a vice president in securities then subsequently began exploring the practices of tarot, Efa, astrology, Jin Shin Do, Reiki, Focusing and The BodyTalk System, which incorporates kinesiology and EFT.

Do you need help changing the course of your life or business? Interested in creative insights to further your goals? Do you ~ or someone near to you ~ need conflict resolution? Personal or business struggles? Struggles within or with others? Change is difficult for everyone when we try to do it alone.

Dynamic Constellations

A Dynamic Constellation is more than just a reading ~ it incorporates light and energy work as blocks are revealed so you can transform just about any situation.

How Does A Dynamic Constellation Work?

Small bottles of water are used to represent and anchor the energies of the actual people, places and things in your life. A deeper understanding of the dynamics of any situation is revealed. Any points of contention are resolved, buried hurt healed, then intentional alternative choices are made by re-orienting the water bottles to mimic the result you truly desire. You, the things in your life and the people around you will change from the intentions and actions of the energized water bottles.