Readings by Dauna


I'm a New Orleans native who has lived in numerous cities around the US before making the NW Burbs of Chicago my home. I am a professional Tarot Card Reader and Medium.

I'm also an empath and knew I was 'special' around the age of seven. As I grew older and went with my mother to have her Tarot Cards read I became fascinated with the cards and all the other things the stores had to offer. However, I was barred from working with any Divination tools until I was older even though I had prophetic Dreams and was sensitive. I had my first reading at the age of Nineteen and started reading Tarot shortly after.

What makes my Readings Different?

When I read, the cards are more of a tool to focus my intuition on. I use them as a visual aid to help provide clarity of the situation and what is going on with the person I am reading for. I utilize the cards as a guide to intuitively provide information. 

During the event, I will be doing intuitive Tarot readings with a few complimentary Oracle cards that offer tools to move forward on the path that the cards have shown. We will also be offering Used Metaphysical books. New Tarot Decks, Feng Shui balls. Tarot Bags, Wax Melts, Room Sprays, Tie-Dye Shirts and Bags and a few other items.

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