Healing Center of Angels


Dr. Barbara M. Rocha N.D.-

I am a naturopathic doctor, a non-denominational minister of the Universal Faith and a spiritual counselor in the holistic and esoteric fields. This allows me to better able serve my clients more fully on their journey governing the mind, body and spirit relationship.

My expertise lies in many topics such as angels, indigenous cultures, energy facilitation, religions, ancient belief systems and phenomena. I work with people, animals and nature to bring harmony in life. Fluent in many forms of energy modalities, I also use an innovative technique of aura interpretation, beyond colors, through reading the soul or Akasha.

My life mission is as a guide to assist others in understanding the need for personal and global love and respect and to teach personal empowerment.

Auras are a particular atmosphere or quality that surrounds a person, animal, place or things. They are an energy field that is emitted that appears as colors or feelings to others. It can inform you about what is going on in your life, the stresses and growths so that proper body-mind-spirit connection can be formed. Understanding these points aids you to enhance your life and make it work for you instead of against you.

I will be offering an aura picture and interpretation at the Expo. In this interpretation you will have your angels and spirit guides identified, receive a general feedback on what is going on in your life to allow you to make clearer choices to create abundance. Concentration is on the "soul" or "Akasha" level rather than just the physical level. When you have a better understanding of the "whole" you are better in tune to yourself. A 15  minute session is $35.